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Thursday 11 September 2014

My High End Beauty Wishlist #1

The beauty industry is booming with amazing products. So many incredible releases and products I haven't tried yet. These are the ones on top my list at the moment. 

1. Clarins HydraQuench Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 . I tried a sample of this in the shade 01 Sand and was really impressed. The finish is dewy, light and feels more like a gel. Looks very natural. Colour seems a bit dark when you swatch, but once blended it's perfect.   

2. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. This duo is absolutely gorgeous!!! The highlighter is finely milled and very pigmented, leaving the most beautiful sheen on the cheeks. Another thing I love is how the bronzer doesn't have a hint of orange to it. It's got a tiny bit of shimmer, but you can barely see it. It would be perfection if it wasn't for the very expensive price tag.  

3. Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (£28). I've been loving cleansing gels, balms and oils. Been hearing a lot of good things about the Oskia Cleanser and would love to give it a try. 

4. Tom Ford Lipstick in Pink Dusk (£37). I've had my eyes on Pink Dusk for probably a year now, but haven't had the courage to splurge. YET! It's a gorgeous pinky nude. I've tried it once in Selfridges and was absolutely in love!

5. Nars Duo Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia (£21). A bit on the expensive side but the whole range is amazing and I'd love to be able to buy all the shades! If I were to choose just one, though, it would be Himalia, as it seems like the perfect all over the lid colour, for a simple, but elegant look. 

6. Soleil Tan de Chanel (£32 here). I have been loving cream bronzers at the moment. Another thing that attracts me to this product is the colour. Most bronzers tend to look a bit orangey on me. This one got a very neutral tone of brown and therefore looks very natural. Really want to buy this at some point.   

What about you? What's on the top of your shopping list? X

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  1. I am also thinking of getting the Soleil Tan de Chanel. I heard so many good things about this product. It's definitely on top of my wish list :-)

    XOXO Nati

  2. Major lust list here. That Charlotte Tillbury palette is gorgeous and I have been debating the Chanel Soleil Tan for a long time but it just has such a mix of reviews that I keep changing my mind x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Same here! hehe I want to go play with it in store soon to see if it's worth investing. x

  3. The Nars eyeshadow looks great!

    New post in my blog it'll mean the world to me if you check it out :)

  4. That cleanser has been in my wishlist for ages too, I so want to try it! And one of the Nars eyeshadow is definitely something to try ;) Loved this! xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    1. Been eyeing the eyeshadows and the cleanser for ages as well, but argh everything is so expensive. I think I'll get the cleanser first. :) xx

  5. Always pains me how expensive this stuff us for such small products! But I am so tempted by the nars eyeshadows, they look so gorgeous! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | Palette Giveaway

    1. I know, right?! £21 is too much for just 1 shadow, which is why I haven't bought yet, but they are so pretty!! I really wanna get one. x

  6. Great post! Love your style of writing, your blog is amazing xx
    I'm kinda new to blogging, it would mean a lot if you could check out my new post :)

  7. Great post! I would love the Charlotte Tlibury Filmstar Bronze & Glow as well, it's so gorgeous :) x

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  8. Clarins have gorgeous, gorgeous products!!! The quality is amazing and skin feels brilliant too! :)

    Layla xx

  9. I really like the colour of the Tom Ford lipstick! So pretty!
    Nice post :)

    x vonyll


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