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Saturday 13 December 2014

REVIEW | Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow

I'm a sucker for cream eyeshadows. I just love how easy they are to apply, pop some mascara on and out of the door. They're the perfect all over the lid product, for a quick eye look. That is when they last well, of course. I've got oily lids so not everything works for me. In fact, only a few cream products do. And Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow is definitely one of them. 

On my recent visit to the Kiko store in Regent Street I picked up the eyeshadow stick in the shade 38 - Golden Taupe. The name explains the eyeshadow very well... it's basically a taupe with small golden flecks. Absolutely gorgeous, as you can see on the swatch below.
Kiko Long Lasting Stick in #38 Golden Taupe
The texture is very opaque, creamy and blendable. I'll usually apply it on one eye, blend it and only then move on to the other eye, as once this product sets, it doesn't budge. AT ALL! Such a long lasting product. It stays put pretty much all day on me, on it's own, without primer. Even removing the swatch from my arm was difficult. But don't worry. That doesn't mean it's a pain to remove it at the end of the day. I just soak a pad with micellar water, leave on top of my eyes for a few seconds and then rub it off. I'll then wash my face and my eyes with an oil cleanser afterwards to help remove any left over. It's pretty hassle free, I promise!

When I saw this eyeshadow in store, it immediately reminded me of my beloved and very well talked about By Terry Ombré Blackstar in Misty Rock. Whilst very similar, the shade I picked up is not quite a perfect dupe, colour wise. I'd say Misty Rock is a little more pink and more shimmery too. However, when it comes to texture and lasting power, Kiko is as good as, if not better. 
L to R: Kiko Golden Taupe & By Terry Misty Rock
For a proper dupe for Misty Rock, I'd recommend going for Kiko #05 Rosy Brown. When I swatched it in store I thought it was pretty identical. 

If you read my blog frequently, you know how much I love my By Terry eyeshadow stick. I recently featured it in my November Favourites (here) and I also have a separate review on it, if you're interested. I think it's an amazing product! But after finally trying the Kiko version, I started wondering... "why pay more when you can have pretty much the same product for a lot less?". Ok... By Terry has a pretty and very luxurious packaging, but is it worth paying £28 just for the packaging? I don't think so! Kiko offers the same quality, a bigger shade range (with around 32 shades) and it only costs a fraction of the price, especially now that their eyeshadow sticks are on sale from £6.90 to £4.90. It's a no brainer, really. Kiko all the way, from now on. I'm definitely buying more shades in the future.

Have you tried Kiko's eyeshadow sticks? What are your thoughts on them? X 


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