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Sunday 12 April 2015

Mac Soar Lip Liner & Brave Lipstick

Mac Soar Lip Liner & Brave Lipstick

I have had bit of a lucky spell recently and won another giveaway (hosted by the lovely Beautylymin). The prize was the beautiful Mac Soar Lip Liner & Brave Lipstick, which I didn't own yet and felt very excited to try

This combination became very popular for being one of Kylie Jenner's go to looks. And hype aside, it is indeed a gorgeous and very complimentary duo. I'm sure this will be my perfect lip combo for A/W but I've also been really enjoying wearing it even now, during Spring, especially for something like an event or a night out, when I want to feel a bit sexier and more well put together. ;)   
Mac Soar lip liner & Brave lipstick
Swatch: Mac Soar lip liner (L) & Brave lipstick (R)
Mac Brave lipstick (£15.50) is a beautiful deep mauve with a satin finish, which is probably my favourite finish from Mac, as it's nearly matte but not as drying as the matte ones. It's also a pretty long lasting formula and stays put for a good few hours even through eating and drinking. One of the things I like about it is the fact that it leaves a subtle stain as it fades away, meaning I feel the need to reapply a lot less often than cremesheen formulas, for example. 

Mac Soar lip liner is also a dark mauve, but I'd say it's a little deeper than Mac Brave lipstick. It's not a cheap lip liner, at £12.50, but it is beautiful and really long wearing. Lip liners have now become a permanent step in my makeup routine as they help my lips look fuller and the lipstick lasts a long longer. 

I love this combo. Here's the final look, wearing both the lip liner and the lipstick.
Mac Soar lip liner & Brave lipstick
Mac Soar lip liner & Brave lipstick

Mac is one of my favourite "high end" brands and one I keep going back to, as I love their products. Their lipsticks are one of my all time favourite beauty addictions and I'm really glad to have these finally added to my collection. 

Have you tried any of these products? What's your favourite lip combo of the moment? X

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