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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Benefit Gimme Brow DUPE!

I have been tempted to buy Benefit Gimme Brow for the longest time ever but never quite fancied spending £17.50 on it, as I think it's too much money for just a brow gel. So I tried and tried many from the drugstore, without success. There was always something wrong... it was either the brush was too big or the formula didn't hold the hair very well... but then a couple weeks back I was browsing in Boots and found the all NEW L'Oreal Perfection Brow Artist Plumper. I had already seen someone mentioning it in a blog and I immediately decided to give it a try. 

I don't have Gimme Brow but I have tried it so many times whilst visiting Benefit's counter I know pretty well how it works. This L'Oreal product is by far the best budget dupe and overall brow product I've found so far. And it cost only £5.99. It doesn't get better than this. :D
The gel comes in 3 options: Transparent, Light/Medium or Medium/Dark. The brush is pretty similar to the one in Gimme Brow (I'd say nearly identical). And because it's so small, it carries just the right amount of product, so it was pretty easy for me to apply without making a mess. The formula is enriched with fibres to help create more volume and the gel dries quickly, stays matte and holds the hair without leaving it too crispy. In my opinion, L'Oreal's version works just as well, if not better than Gimme Brow. 

I'm loving it for my working days, as I'm always in a rush and usually don't have time to do a full on makeup. So what I do is I apply the gel on it's own, just to give me a little bit of colour and give me the impression of fuller and tidier brows without too much fuss. 

I got it in the shade Medium/Dark and I'm so pleased with it. It's a great colour match. Finally a company that created a budget brow gel with the attributes of a high end one.   

Have you tried this brow gel? What's your favourite brow product of the moment? X


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