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Monday 7 March 2016

An Introduction to 1001 Remedies

1001 Remedies

Today I'm gonna talk about a brand that is new to me. 1001 Remedies* is an ethical aromatherapy range that aims to provide beauty and mindful health. They offer herbal remedies with 100% natural and organic ingredients that promise to look after not only our beauty, but also our wellbeing.

1001 Remedies PurAir Air Purifying Spray

The product that has caught my attention the most was the PurAir Air Purifying Spray. The packaging is very solid and luxurious, made with a glass bottle, in a mix of white, teal and gold. But the best of all is the product itself. I love their motto that "beauty starts with healthy breathing". Enriched with 19 essential oils, this air spray promises to purify the air and reinforce our natural defences with its antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Studies show the vaporised essence can kill common bacteria as soon as 15 minutes!! Sounds amazing, right?! Unfortunately, I'm no scientist so I can't testify that it actually makes the air in my house more pure. But I have been spraying my place with it every night since I got it and I feel immediately relaxed. The main ingredients are cinnamon essential oil to reinforce our immune system; Ravintsara aromatherapy oil with its anti-microbial properties to purify the environment; and Peppermint essential oils to bring a reinvigorating freshness scent to our home.

PurAir has been voted the best spa product by Prima Magazine and I have to agree that it's an incredible air spray, like no other I've tried. I think in a world full of pollution and harsh chemicals, it's a true breath of fresh air (excuse the pun) to have a product like this in our home.

The only downside of this product, in my view, is the price. The 100ml bottle will set you back £24 or you can also buy a travel size (30ml) for £12. Definitely not cheap but then I guess this is no ordinary air freshener and it'd be worth the price for all its benefits to our health and the peace of mind that we are spraying our home with purely organic and natural ingredients. However, that brings me to the fact that on the bottle, they claim the spray is not recommended for pregnant women or children under 36 months which kind of threw me off a little bit. I couldn't help but wonder how healthy this actually is. But overall, I think this product smells lovely and it does provide me with a sense of wellbeing. On top of that, it's got a great promise to keep my house fresh and my air purified. So if that's something you're after, it's worth giving it a try.

1001 Remedies Magic Skin Repair Gel

The second product I got to try from 1001 Remedies range was the Magic Skin Repair Gel. Based on Aloe Vera and 14 organic essential oils, this cream has antiseptic properties and should gently sooth skin blemishes and imperfections. It contains Myrrh which has strong anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It's also got Helichrysum essential oil which is one of the most powerful natural anti-bruises ingredient, with a proven efficiency in the treatment of old scars and other skin problems. Last but not least, the Rock Rose oil has antiseptic, astringent properties which qualifies it as one of the best oils used as an acne treatment and other skin complications.

It's not a product to be applied all over the face or body. It should be placed only over the affected areas to support our skin's natural ability to renew itself. I've recently started getting quite a few spots on my face, mainly on my chin area (blame the hormones) and have been applying Magic Skin which has certainly helped. I like the cooling sensation is gives on application and in the morning, my spots look and feel a lot less aggravated. But as I mentioned above, it's not a spot treatment only. It can also be applied to bruises, skin rashes and any other skin imperfections. Although I have only tried it for spots so far, I think it really works a treat.

1001 Remedies has a lovely beauty range that also includes an anti ageing cream, a body and hair oil and a beauty sleep / anti anxiety balm, which sounds brilliant and I'm very curious about. Their products have no paraben, phtalate, animal substance, OGM, silicone nor any other nasty chemicals. Another great thing about them is that they're not tested on animals. So overall, a lovely brand for anyone hoping to combine beauty and wellbeing. I highly recommend checking them out. :) You can find their products directly via the company's website and in Cult Beauty.

Have you tried 1001 Remedies before? Please share your thoughts and/or experiences with me in the comments below. X 

*PR Sample. All comments are my own and honest opinion. 

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