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Sunday 10 January 2016

Clarins Gift With Purchase at Debenhams

Clarins Gift With Purchase

As most of you probably know by now, Clarins is my favourite skincare brand. Their products always deliver what they promise and I'm never disappointed.

Debenhams is currently offering a £41 worth* gift with the purchase of two or more Clarins products, one of them being a skincare item. So here are my First Impressions on the products included in the Clarins Gift With Purchase promotion**.


Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel 50ml

I had wanted to try this for the longest time but just never got round to buying it. So glad I got this now. It's my favourite product out of the gift with purchase promotion. It's essentially a gel that turns into an oil once massaged into the skin and removes makeup with ease, even mascara. Doesn't sting my eyes at all, seems very gentle on the skin and has only a very subtle and lovely scent. It's easy to remove just with water but I prefer to use a muslin cloth most of the time. I also really like that my skin feels nice and clean, but very soft and hydrated at the same time, probably thanks to the Marula oil in it. Another great thing about it is it's suitable for all skin types. I can see it becoming a staple in my daily routine from now on and I will definitely purchase the full size (125ml) once this runs out. Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel retails for £20.50.    

Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel


Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin 100ml

This is the first body scrub I've ever tried from Clarins and I have to say I'm impressed. It feels creamy and the very fine beads make the whole scrubbing experience very pleasant. It's got a slight scent to it but nothing overpowering. Rinses off easily and doesn't leave any residue. Once I dry my body, my skin is left super smooth and soft to the touch. It's supposed to refine and soften the skin, helping increase absorption and performance of any product applied afterwards. I can see this being perfect to use before self tanning or before the cellulite lotion I'm gonna talk about next. Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin retails for £29 (200ml).  

Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin


Clarins Body Lift for Cellulite Control 100ml

This patented cream/lotion is supposed to target early cellulite and help contour and firm the body, with daily applications of the product from ankle to waist. I have never tried a cellulite control product before so I'm very intrigued by this. Unfortunately, I've only been using it for a couple days so can't testify much in regards to cellulite reduction but my first impressions are very positive. I love the texture, the smell and the cooling sensation it leaves on my skin, like when you apply something minty, for example. That feeling lasts for around 1-2h before I can't notice it any longer. The cream sinks in quickly, leaving my skin soft and fairly radiant and I can feel my skin a little bit tighter already. 200ml of the Clarins Body Lift for Cellulite Control is a bit on the expensive side, costing £37, but I guess if it works, it's worth it, right?! I'm really enjoying it so far but will have to report on the effectiveness of it later on. 

Clarins Body Lift for Cellulite Control

Overall, I think the gifts included in the offer are amazing and really good value (£41 worth). This is a great opportunity to experiment new products. 

If you would like to take advantage of this Clarins Gift With Purchase promotion, these are some of the products I'd highly recommend trying from the brand: Clarins Instant Concealer is my favourite to this date (above Nars & Urban Decay). I have reviewed it (here) and I highly recommend getting it, if you're in the look out for a light, hydrating concealer. Skincare wise, there are so many products I love, it's hard to select only a few, but I'd definitely recommend Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner. It's incredible to help even out skin tone and smooth skin texture. When it comes to moisturisers, my favourites are Clarins Multi Active Day Cream (for those with dry or very dry skin), Clarins Ultra Matte Rebalancing Lotion (for combination and oily skin - review coming up soon) and Clarins Vital Light Day Cream (for more mature skin - review here). A great option for men is the Clarins Super Moisture Gel, which I have bought for both my husband and my father in law too. Last but not least, if you're interested in a 2 in 1 cleanser, I really like the Clarins One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. It exfoliates and cleanses the skin at the same time. Smells amazing and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight. 

The Clarins Gift With Purchase promotion is available now at Debenhams. It's been running since 29th December and should be live for 2 weeks only, which means it might be over sometime next week or whenever the stock runs out. So if you're interested, hurry up! :) 

Do you like Clarins? What's your favourite product from their line? X

*T&C: Free with the purchase of two Clarins products. Exclusions may apply. Gifts are one per customer, while stocks last. Gift is out of stock if it does not add to your basket at checkout & NOT valid if used with a discount promo code. Worth based on ml value of standard size products.
**PR Sample. All comments remain my own and honest opinion. 

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