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Monday 12 October 2015

MAC Tan Pigment

MAC Tan Pigment

MAC Tan Pigment - Review and Swatches 

I'm a huge eyeshadow lover but if there's one thing I lack in my collection is pigments. Not sure why but they have never entered my list of beauty priorities. That was until I saw some tutorials and swatched MAC Tan Pigment in store.

MAC Tan Pigment

I know this pigment has been going on for a while now and is a cult favourite amongst beauty lovers but I resisted buying it for the longest time and kept waiting for MAC to bring it out in a travel size but that never happened. So recently I agreed with my friend Alina (from Beauty With Charm) for us to buy the full size and share it. Honestly, I don't think I'd ever go through the 4.5g of product by myself, as a little goes a very long way with pigments, so I thought sharing was a brilliant solution for my dilemma and even better for our pocket. :)

MAC Tan Pigment


MAC Tan Pigment is described as a muted pinky brown bronze. 

MAC Tan Pigment

This is seriously such a stunning shade. I don't know how I didn't pick this up before. I must be a very strong woman (or a very stupid one lol). What I love about this pigment is that it looks very metallic on the lid, without being glittery. Also, I have not experienced any fall out and I don't even feel the need to apply it wet. But if you want even more drama, then adding something like MAC Fix + would do the trick. I have been loving it with my MAC Mulch eyeshadow on the crease. I really enjoy wearing just one colour all over the lid but I personally feel that Tan looks better paired with a darker shade. So Tan and Mulch together has been my favourite eyeshadow combination for the past couple of weeks. And I can tell they will remain as favourites for a long time coming.

MAC Tan Pigment Look Tutorial

I've now converted from "I don't care much about loose pigments" to pigment obsessed and have created a wishlist, including MAC Blue Brown Pigment, MAC Museum Bronze, MAC Naked Deep Dark and some pigments from Makeup Geek too (Afterglow & Nightlife).  

MAC pigments retail for £16 but there are also some shades available in travel size (2.5g) for £10.

Have you tried MAC Tan Pigment? What are your thoughts on it? Please comment below and leave me some suggestions of pigments you think I should check out. :) x


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