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Friday 14 August 2015

REVIEW | Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream

Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream

I was lucky enough to win a Twitter Giveaway promoted by Vivianna Does Makeup and Space NK and received a massive box full of amazing goodies. Among them was this Sunday Riley Start Over Active Eye CreamThis is a brand I have always wanted to try but their products are very pricey so I hadn't had the courage to splurge yet. 

I received a sample / travel size. It contains 10ml, which is pretty much the same amount of most full sized eye creams. It comes in a squeezy tube with a cooling applicator, which I wasn't a huge fan of, as it's a bit square on the tips and just made the application a bit messy. So I just squeeze a tiny amount on my ring finger and apply dabbing very lightly. 
Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream

The full size eye cream comes in a completely different packaging, with a pump and 30ml of product. Although you'll have to fork out £65 for it, bear in mind you will be getting about double the amount of product compared to most eye creams. So considering that, the price is not too bad. 
Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream
Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream - full size. Photo taken from SpaceNK website.
With the promise to repair, protect and nourish the delicate eye area, while reducing puffiness and dark circles, you can imagine my excitement to try this product. 

Does it live up to it's claims? Well, the texture is lovely. It's a cloudy gel that glides on easily and feels nice and cool on the skin. It also sinks in pretty quick, leaving my under eye area smooth and hydrated. It's a great base for makeup and I feel my concealer applies on top of it really well. 

However, I haven't noticed any major improvement on my dark circles, but to be fair, I think dark circles are generally hard to treat and I haven't seen any miracle with other eye creams either. The worst is it stings a bit if I apply it near my lower lash line. Very strange and I have never experienced anything like it with other products. I don't consider my skin to be sensitive at all. So I don't know why this happened. But since I started applying this cream with my fingers (instead of using the applicator directly on my skin), I now make sure it don't go too near my eyes and haven't had any problems. Either way, if you do fancy buying this eye cream, I'd recommend trying a sample first, if possible. 

So overall, aside from the fact that it can sting my eyes, this is a really nice eye cream, right at the top of my favourite's list so far, but I still prefer my beloved Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and will forever repurchase it, unless I find another product I love even more. :)

Have you tried the Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream? X

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